Honest and responsible teak from Latin America

Easterwoods is a young company with a lot of experience in the teak world of Latin America. We offer an alternative to the much discussed Burma teak.

Easterwoods has an extensive network for the import of high-quality teak from Latin America.

With our own supply chain, we can provide you with any desired option for your timber or teak logs.

Personal and responsible

We choose to buy our stock directly from local landowners.

In all cases, no natural forests have been cut for this.

The wood was planted between 40 and 100 years ago, by the owners themselves, exclusively for commercial purposes.

The forests have not been subject to the urge for a high ‘Return on Investment’. The wood has been able to develop naturally.

High quality for all your applications

In cooperation with our people at the sawmill in South America, we can provide anything you need. We deliver high quality timber that is suitable for both interior and exterior yacht building, furniture making for both inside and outside use. We also stock extra wide sections for your special projects.

Exclusively from Latin America
All our teak originates from Latin America. It has always been planted for commercial purposes and was never derived from natural forests.
We select and buy the logs directly from local owners and handle the export to the Netherlands ourselves.

The origin of our wood is transparent, traceable and legal.