Dutch police investigate illegal teak import

Dutch police investigate a large scale illegal teak import from Myanmar

The Dutch police investigates 6 companies that seemed to illegally import teak wood from Myanmar. The wood was first exported from Myanmar to the Czech Republic and then imported into the Netherlands.

The wood was not accompanied by the necessary paperwork and was therefore not traceable. This is illegal.

Easterwoods: honest and responsible teak from Latin America

At Easterwoods, we know this problem very well. This is one of the reasons why we started our company. We strongly believe that high quality teak should benefit everybody in the supply chain. That is what we do.

All our teak originates from Latin America. It was always planted for commercial purposes and was never derived from natural forests. We select and buy the logs directly from local owners and handle the export to the Netherlands ourselves.

The quality is plainly outstanding, no natural forest has been sacrificed for it, and it is amply available. There may be alternatives to teak, but there is no need for that.

The origin of our wood is transparent, traceable and legal.

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