About teak

Latin American teak is teak like any other teak in the world: Tectona grandis. It has exactly the same, unmatched quality. We know situations where logs had been on the ground for 30 years and still had the quality we are used to in Europe. The logs could be sawn without any problems.

30 years on the ground and still fully useable


Teak is versatile and can be applied in many situation. It is extremely suiteable for yacht building.

Not all applications require the same quality, though. Our wood is sorted in different qualities and offered to the European market for different applications like yacht building, interior construction and furniture making.

Trees have no passport
A tree, of course, has no knowledge of national borders. The country of origin doesn’t say anything about the quality of the wood. The quality is determined by genetic origin and the growing circumstances.
Our teak is genetically exactly the same as Asian teak.

All trees live in the wild
A teak tree does not know whether it is planted or not. It just grows naturally. Teak that develops in good conditions is of good quality. Whether these circumstances are a natural forest or a planted forest, does not play any role.