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A Small Team with a Big Passion for Teak and Sustainability

At Easterwoods, we're a small but dedicated team with a shared passion for forests, teak, quality, and sustainability. We believe that these values are essential to delivering a product that meets the needs of our customers while protecting the environment for future generations.

With years of experience in the teak industry, we're committed to responsible sourcing and high-quality craftsmanship. We're proud to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional teak sourcing methods and are constantly working to improve our practices to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product.

A photograph of a black-thoated trogon bird sitting on a branchA photograph taken of a sunset in the mountains of Latin America
An old photograph taken in around 1920 of the grandfather of Gijsbert at a recently established teak plantation

Teak is in our blood. The third person (from left to right) is the grandfather of Gijsbert (Forestry Engineer, Wageningen) at a recently established teak plantation. Around 1920.

Meet the Team


Gijsbert has a background in tropical forestry (Engineer, Wageningen) and has lived in Latin America with his family for many years. He, therefore, knows the ins and outs and has a good network. He is still there regularly, not only for Easterwoods Trading but also for advice regarding the management of teak forests. Thorough knowledge of teak, with more than 25 years of experience in this industry and more than 30 years in forestry, forms a good foundation.


Marta, responsible for administration and export, is immediately the center of the communication lines between the Netherlands and Costa Rica. She is enthusiastic, passionate, and goal-oriented.


Pablo is our engineer from Latin America, responsible for local education and quality control. His strengths are overview and calmness. He is thorough and has boundless energy.


Carl also has a “Wageningen background” (engineer) and has been in the timber trade of tropical wood species his entire working life. He lived and worked in Africa and Brazil for a long time. Partly growing up in Switzerland makes him something of a language prodigy; French, German, and Dutch are his native languages, and he is also fluent in Portuguese and English.