All our wood comes from Latin America. Not from Asia or other parts of the world. You do get the quality you are used to, but without the much-discussed side-effects of wood from the last natural teak forests in Asia.

FSC and non FSC

We try to have both in stock: FSC certified wood and non FSC certified wood.

Naturally we do not sell wood that comes from natural forests. In all cases, the stands were planted with a commercial point of view: when planting, the owner’s goal was to sell the wood. This has been done on a small scale for many years, and is still done today.

FSC certified
Of course it is great to have confirmation from FSC that the stands have been managed sustainably. We find a certificate like this very important. Especially when timber comes from larger stands: the social and ecological impact of these stands is often very different from the smaller stands that farmers have planted as their ‘retirement plan’.

Non FSC certified
Our non certified wood comes from local landowners. They have planten the trees as their ‘retirement plan’. These stands are often managed extensively and not FSC certified. For these small stands, it is just too expensive to obtain an FSC certificate.
We respect the wishes of the sellers and keep the ecosystem intact as much as possible. Besides this, we pay them a realistic price.
Local landowners are therefore happy to work with us, now and in the future.