Sawn lumber

KD or AD

We currently have around 80 m³ of sawn timber in stock. About 18 m³ of this is KD (18-15%) and about 16 m³ is KD (12% or lower). The rest is AD, most of which is around 20% humidity.


We have bundles with random widths and sorted bundles. From 8 cm wide to 20 cm.

Extra wide

We have a large stock of extra wide boards, usually two-inch, but also one-inch. Extra wide varies from 20 cm wide to 38 cm.


Most boards have a length of up to 230 cm. Longer boards are limited, but can of course be cut from logs.


All our wood has been carefully selected.

Our A-quality has no errors or sapwood (at the most a couple of millimeters, which disappears with sanding or planning).

Our B-quality has 1 or 2 errors on one side, or some sap wood. For many applications this is not a problem because the end product can often be cut without errors. This quality is of course lower priced than our A-quality (FEQ).

Please keep in mind:

  • For KD, we charge €200/m³ extra
  • For sorting, we charge €50/m³ extra
  • For extra wide, wider than 20 cm, there is a surcharge

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