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Teak has been sought after for centuries because of its high quality.

Latin American teak is simply teak like teak from other countries of the world (Tectonagrandis). We have seen situations in stands where the logs that have been lying on the ground in the forest for 30 years are still extremely suitable for sawing and have a quality that we are used to in Europe.

Teak is versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. But not all applications require the same quality. Our wood is sorted into different qualities and offered on the European market for, for example, yacht building, interior construction and furniture making.

A person looking at a tree in the jungle which happens to be in the spotlight of the sun

The older the better

It is the age that determines the quality. Or rather: the age the tree was when the wood was made; in the center and closer to the ground the wood was made when the tree was younger. That part therefore has a somewhat lower quality. We therefore strictly select based on these characteristics and age

A teak tree has no passport

Of course, a tree has no knowledge of national borders. The country of origin does not say much about the quality of the wood, but its genetic origin and place of growth do. Our teak is genetically the same as teak from Asia.

All the trees are in the wild

The tree does not know whether teak has been planted or not. The difference in quality does not depend on that. Teak that develops in good conditions is of good quality. Whether these conditions are a natural forest or a grown forest is irrelevant.

Our sawing quality

Beautiful teak trunks can be turned into worthless wood in no time if they are not sawn properly. Easterwoods works together with a very professional sawmill and also has intensive control over the sawing process. Easterwoods therefore has a say in how sawing takes place at any time.

Another major advantage of this is that Easterwoods is able to produce on behalf of a buyer. Naturally, clear agreements must be made to avoid any disappointment for either party.

Easterwoods has the following qualities in stock:
  • Quarter-sawn, four-sided clear without defects, (no sapwood)
  • Surfaced, four-sided clear without sapwood
  • Surfaced, without sapwood, occasional live knots present
  • Surfaced, one-sided without sapwood; defect-free sapwood side
  • Surfaced, one-sided without sapwood; sapwood side with occasional live knots, the rest of the sapwood side is defect-free
  • Surfaced, both sides with sapwood, live knots present, the rest is defect-free. Limited stock available
The wood is sawn to 26 mm thickness and 52 mm thickness, falling width.
QualitySapwood wide side ASapwood wide side BHeartwoodDead knotsLive knotsOther defectsSawn
Quarter-sawn ANoNoNoNoNoNoQuarter-sawn
Premium ANoNoNoNoNoNoPlain-sawn
Premium BNoYesNoNoNot on side ANoPlain-sawn